Clicking and Streaming features some of our favourite artists guiding us through their latest internet, tech and visual culture fixations. In this edition we spoke to Kaspar Ravel, a new media artist and curator for the Glitch Artists Collective. 

three Instagram accounts everyone should follow

favourite meme

favourite website

favourite social media profileLogan Owlbeemoth: from florida storms to making a music video backstage with Gary Numan






favourite gif


favourite sticker(s)
I can have entire conversations using trash dove & hacker girl..


favourite app
the camera. who isn’t a photographer these days? smartphones have changed photography in so many ways that I can’t even tell what is bad from what is good.
 I just like taking pictures without the implication of “hey I’m taking a picture”.

weirdest thing you’ve accidentally stumbled across onlineidk, things you’d find online used to be a lot wilder when I was a kid, or maybe we’re just accustomed by anything that we see today. I wish I could find this lovely website that has a database loaded in neural network poetry though.

most crucial piece of tech
right now ? My SNES and my actual toaster, though my toaster is kind of fucked up. you really have to watch the bread and revert it yourself if you don’t want to eat cancer material every morning.

favourite animal video thanks for making me feel like a boring person who doesn’t have a favorite animal video. I found this flamingo montage I bookmarked for a friend a while back.


favourite music video

favourite live music performance on youtube

last thing you watched on YouTube

trippiest thing you’ve seen online

favourite podcast
does Fish Center Live count?

favourite place to discover
new music

favourite video game
man, Starwing on SNES is the bomb

last great film you saw
La Piel que Habito
(The Skin I Live In)
(Pedro Almodóvar, 2011)



last tv show you binged
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
I was rather disapointed that it made sense in the end though

last thing you googled

favourite visual artist(s) at the moment Adrian Cain’s recent sonification work really got my attention, they’re creative on multiple levels and rather clever technically + he’s the sweetest person, and I love it when artists I meet turn out to be great fun to hang with 

image: Adrian Cain

most streamed music rn
Noodle’s playlist from 8 months ago


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