Clicking and Streaming features some of our favourite artists guiding us through their latest internet, tech and visual culture fixations. In this edition we spoke to Sofia Crespo, an artist and art director living in Berlin whose alter-ego Trauma Doll (created after being prescribed Tramadol for back pain) is a traumatized AI suffering from ‘PTSD, anxiety, depression and other psychological demons’ and using meme collages as a digital coping mechanism.

three Instagram accounts everyone should follow

favourite website


favourite social media profile

my online wife always posts sick content,
I’m so proud of him



favourite meme

but also every meme by BunnyMemes


favourite gif


favourite emoji (s) 🤖💦

favourite app

weirdest thing you’ve accidentally stumbled across online

oh shit, so many…
Joan Cornellà’s comics were the weirdest
accidental boner I ever had:

most crucial piece of tech

can someone get me a Microsoft HoloLens? Plsss!

favourite animal video

I nvr get tired of watching turtles cumming


favourite live music performance on youtube

I wish I had seen this live:


favourite music video

those graphics…

trippiest thing you’ve seen online

favourite podcast

Those Conspiracy Guys <3

favourite place to discover new music

I listen 2 frequencies a lot lately – is B E S T

favourite video game

Armagetron Advanced (even tho I’m quite shitty at it lol)

last great film you saw

Pi (Darren Aranofsky, 1998)

last tv show you binged

last thing you watched on YouTube

last thing you googled

favourite visual artist(s) at the moment

this is a tough one, basically everyone featured at Spektrum Crush Zine <3 

the online space that most feels like home

I always share stuff on FREE THE PIXELS, and got
to meet awesome artists there <3 

most streamed music rn

Ø (Mika Vainio)!




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