Clicking and Streaming features some of our favourite artists and musicians guiding us through their latest internet, tech and visual culture fixations. In this edition we spoke to visual artist and writerIsaac Kariuki, who works between London and Nairobi, and creates work that’s inspired by the body, internet culture, autonomy and identity. He has exhibited across the world, including at the TATE Modern, and is the founder and editor of the zine Diaspora Drama, which celebrates ‘creative and offbeat people of colour’.


Three Instagram accounts everyone should follow

favourite social media profile

@freeze_de They’re the hipster runoff of the art world and they disappeared in the same way


favourite meme I really love trolley problem aka train ethical dilemma

favourite gif

I have three and I feel like they tell a cohesive story


favourite emoji 🐈

favourite app

Citymapper because it once told me to walk past an art fair and straight into the river thames and it made so much sense

most crucial piece of tech

in-ear headphones



weirdest thing you ever stumbled across online

A headless fetish blog [NSFW]

favourite animal video



favourite live music performance on youtube


favourite music video

favorite video from this year goes to Dua Lipa:


favourite all time is probably this:


trippiest thing you’ve seen online

favourite podcast

Switched on Pop
The Read
Otherwise? A Podcast about Kenyan politics

last show you binged

The Americans. Honestly my favourite show that I never get to talk about because no one under 25 knows about it

last great film you saw


last thing you googled

last thing you watched on YouTube

favourite visual artist(s) at the moment lately I’ve been really interested in the midpoint between honesty and composed honesty in portrait photography. I think Olgaç Bozalp has such beautiful composition, tone and subjects that emote a very fragile experience in the person being photographed but also confidence in the photographer knowing they adore their subject

most streamed music rn

the online space that most feels like home

Tumblr is really great. The semi-anonymity based on just your interests and humour can feel like such a relief from performing yourself on other spaces


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