Clicking and Streaming features some of our favourite artists and musicians guiding us through their latest internet, tech and visual culture fixations. For this edition we spoke to self-taught, Leipzig based digital illustrator Don Elektro, whose “visual fast food” hyper-collage aesthethic provides mesmerising and humorous comment on digital bombardment and the modern age.

Three Instagram accounts everyone should follow

favourite website  or  i can’t decide….

favourite social media profile

Most social media profiles are pretty boring to me. I loved the time when people could customize their myspace-profiles, after that just Tumblr profiles are interesting.

So i am just on tumblr and Instagram…okay also ELLO which really makes no sense.

here some fav. Tumblr Blogs:

favourite meme i can’t stand this meme_shit, but @alfred_english is the man for some serious meme business

favourite gif

favourite emoji

favourite app

the memo app

most crucial piece of tech

a knife to cut vegetables. basic, but cool

weirdest thing you ever stumbled across online

earwax extraction videos on youtube 🤮 don’t worry – i send no links!

favourite animal video

omg still heartbreaking


and of course, the lyre bird video with David Attenborough


and i saw this TV documentary on ARTE of a giant squid, filmed for the first time….


favourite place online to discover new music

Bandcamp, YouTube, XLR8R

favourite live music performance


favourite music video

mmmh that’s really tough, but i am going to choose a classic because it’s still very contemporary and reminds me of the Music Televison era of my childhood


trippiest thing you’ve seen online

all Cool 3D World animations are pretty trippy! but this video here is real trippy shit:

favourite video game

last show you binged

last great film you saw

Fantastic Planet (1973)

last thing you googled

favourite visual artist(s) at the moment

Michele Gabriele and Marian Luft


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