Clicking and Streaming features some of our favourite artists and musicians guiding us through their latest internet, tech and visual culture fixations. For the first edition we spoke to New York based 3D visual artist Nicole Ruggiero, co-curator of global net artist collective Post Vision.

Three Instagram accounts everyone should follow

favourite social media profile

I like Poppy’s a lot


favourite website
This isn’t really a website but a code to implement on ur own website i thought was really funny

favourite emoji
⛓🗑 into this combo rn, maybe some 🔥

favourite app


lmao jk


favourite piece of tech

my desktop def, i think i would give up my phone for it


the weirdest thing you’ve accidentally stumbled across online

this video

favourite place online to discover new music

nowadays i just use spotify or soundcloud…if i’m really searching i’ll use indieshuffle 

favourite live music performance on YouTube

favourite video game

lol shin megami tensei nocturne, sanitarium, zork


last great film you saw

i rewatched hackers recently lol 

last thing you watched on YouTube

favourite visual artist at the moment

tbh i’ve been referencing a lot of photographers and old italian sculptures — i’m interested in how to replicate life in 3D so the person i’ve been referring to most closely besides some instagram photographers is probably Gian Lorenzo Bernini <3
i also like to pay a lot of attention to my environment — i started posting inspiration pics on my blogs lately and it really helps me a lot

most streamed music rn:


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